Steve Adams

Writing Coach, Editor, and Writer

My name is Steve Adams. I’m a writing coach, editor, and award-winning author.

As a writing coach I’ve worked with published, award-winning novelists, short-fiction writers, and nonfiction writers; unpublished but dedicated and experienced writers; and those new to the game who have always believed they had something to say, but didn’t know quite how or where to begin.

My many years of writing and analyzing a broad range of forms (fiction, essay, playwriting, screenwriting, poetry) give me structural insight into manuscript evaluation, and my study of, and in-depth exposure to, music, acting, dance, theater arts, and visual arts affords me a varying set of perspectives from which to approach the process of writing and the disciplines that support art. I find coaching writers a form of work almost as rewarding as writing itself.

Story telling

"Story-telling is and always has been story telling first, as painting is and has always been painting first. This is what I mean when I say that this work is much closer to the cave than it will ever be to the drawing room. So forget everything you know, learn to be stupid before the blank page, and just tell stories. Remember Proust talking about a great painter who had the gift of becoming 'stupid before the empty canvas.'"

— Richard Bausch